Everybody Dance Now: It’s C&C Music Factory Friday

Dan Gibson | January 23, 2009 11:00 am
Thanks to a reference on last night’s 30 Rock, I finally feel empowered to bring out the C & C Music Factory tag, as well as a bunch videos from the Robert Clivillés and David Cole-led act’s one noteworthy album. It feels good to finally cross this off my blogging “to do” list.

I have some sincere affection for C & C Music Factory, and was briefly excited to hear one of their non-“Gonna Make You Sweat” songs on the radio the other day. But that appreciation ends with “Things That Make You Go Hmmmm,” the least enjoyable remnant of the Arsenio age.

But in a way, I think I have to thank the pop hits of 1991 for finally pushing me over the edge and spending more time buying random albums at my area indie record store instead of working the new-release wall at the Wherehouse. It’s easy to forget looking back, but for two weeks back in those days, “The First Time” by Surface was No. 1.

Listening to that track and “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)” back to back, it seems obvious that a record like Screamadelica might be slightly more personally relevant than one featuring a workout-obsessed shirtless rapper over translated for pop radio club beats, but at the time, it was quite a transition. I still regret trading a PM Dawn cassette for a copy of Spiderland (a significant downgrade), but you can’t win them all. Certainly, I’m glad I didn’t stick around for C&C’s follow up record, which featured the reputation-sullying “Take A Toke.” Keep it clean, C&C. There are kids around!

Regardless, if Martha Wash is commanding you to dance now, what choice do you have? Even if it’s someone lipsynching Martha’s vocals, the order still counts.

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