Joaquin Phoenix Gets Ready To Mediate

noah | January 23, 2009 1:30 am

So, the “Joaquin Phoenix rap career” experiment/celebrity press fake-out has now reached the point where the “actor to rapper following a dream” has his own MySpace page, complete with streaming jams and a concert listing for a solstice party on March 21*. There are three songs: “Pacific Dream” collects all the words that rhyme with “mediate,” yet were left out of INXS’ coda to “Need You Tonight,” over a grimy guitar-and-chimes sample; “Palisade Nights” has a similarly dark feel, with lyrics that sound like they were culled from spam and news-alert subject lines (there’s also a reference to “frozen menstruation” in there); and “Everyday” has Phoenix’s flow getting kind of rapidfire over a LeStereo-produced, K Records-inspired musical bed. Phoenix also took some time out to type up a quickie blog post (“Current mood: fermented”) regarding his fall from a Las Vegas stage last weekend:

This was after 3 days of debauchery in Vegas at my cousins wedding and everyone telling me to put up or shut up and the lesson learned is don’t mix painkillers/champagne/whiskey and try to perform

Phoenix’s MySpace profile picture isn’t a shot of that spill, but rather a sign bearing a Ralph Waldo Emerson aphorism: “Be careful what we worship, for we are worshipping what we are becoming.” Anyone want to put odds on whether that’ll be the epigraph for Casey Affleck’s documentary about this whole venture?

Joaquin Phoenix [MySpace]LeStereo [MySpace] Earlier: Joaquin Phoenix: Just Who Is The Joke On At This Point, Anyway?

* Which is actually, an astute commenter points out, the Vernal Equinox. This gag gets more and more elaborate by the minute!