Gene Simmons Is Going To Lick Up Some Canadian Bands For The Purposes Of Profit

noah | January 26, 2009 12:30 pm

Gene Simmons was scratching his head over how to make money off recorded music in late 2007, but in 2009, he’s figured out a plan: Embrace the idea of Canadian content wholeheartedly. No, really: The Kiss bassist has launched Simmons Records, a label that will “make sure that the next generation of world stars [emanates] from Canada.” And nowhere else! (At least not yet.)

It’s an intriguing proposition, for sure, as our neighbors to the north have had many an artist who’s been crazy famous in his homeland but hasn’t quite reached star status once it ventured beyond the Canadian borders. (For every Barenaked Ladies, there are a dozen bands that play second fiddle to them on their cruise.) How Simmons will turn bands from Canada into superstars who eclipse the likes of Bryan Adams and Celine Dion is as yet unclear, but I’m going to hazard a guess that lots and lots of merchandising will likely be involved. (Hey, since clicking the “submit a demo” link at the top of the page triggers an e-mail to one geneDOTsimmonsATumusicDOTcom, maybe I should ask him?) [Official site]