Flavor Flav’s Fifth TV Show Sounds Like The Awesomest One Yet

Christopher R. Weingarten | January 27, 2009 12:30 pm

From the “get the morgue and embalm the goner” department: World’s greatest hypeman and reality TV superstar Flavor Flav has just signed on to host a scary half-hour of TV called Nite Tales, which creator Deon Taylor describes as: “Tales From the Crypt meets The Twilight Zone, with Flav playing a role similar to Crypt’s Cryptkeeper.” Wait, can I start that post over again as if I was the Cryptkeeper? Ahem… World’s gravest hypeman and reality TV superscare Flavor Flav has just signed on to ghost a scary half-hour of TV… that was harder than it looks.

Anyway, we’re going to watch the living hell out of this show because nothing scares Flav. He lived in a house with girls who shit on the floor, which is way scarier than some lame haunted house. I’d take a thousand ghosts rattling their chains and being annoying over stepping on a mystery turd.

Here’s the trailer for the movie that was on BET last Halloween. Via BooooTube—shit, I’m doing it again!

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