New Muxtape Offers Exciting New Chance To Listen To Middling Indie Rock… In Bright Colors!

Christopher R. Weingarten | January 27, 2009 1:00 am

Muxtape is back! Sort of! Once the sleekest, niftiest way to trade mix streams of your fave raves, Muxtape is has now been relaunched as a platform for bands to offer their music for free! Cool! So it’s sort of like a space for my music to be held, you know?

The Muxtape dudes got 12 of their favorite artists to put up some streamy music. And their favorite artists run the gamut from middling indie rock (Of Montreal) to middling indie-electro (Apes And Androids) to middling indie retro dance (Old Gold) to middling whatever the fuck the Dresden Dolls are (Amanda Palmer). Wanna know how well this works? When I wanted to find out who Old Gold was so I could make fun of him, I went to his MySpace page.

It’s still new, so maybe I’m being a little harsh. And Muxtape gave me some pretty good times back in the day, so I’m glad the site kept its very cool, very clean design. Congrats on dudes still giving their program life in a way that is no longer ducking the RIAA… except for, you know, all the incredibly illegal samples on the Girl Talk content. And that Francis And The Lights song that sounds a little too close to “Rock With You” for my comfort.

Muxtape [Official site]