Hot Leg Decide To Cool Down With Some Assless Chaps

noah | January 27, 2009 3:00 am

Justin Hawkins’ post-Darkness project Hot Leg has its first album, Red Light Fever, coming out next month. The album cover above is, I guess, supposed to set the tone for the album—you know, it’s going to be like the Darkness, but without all the crazy space-alien stuff, and maybe with Hawkins wearing glasses that make him look like he could be in the background of a Cobrasnake pic? Whether or not this cover was designed for its possible American release to have some sort of attendant Wal-Mart-related “oh no, female skin!” controversy depends on both whether the album ever comes out here and whether the big bad Bentonvillians will be selling CDs at all on that fateful date, but for now, feel free to enjoy this clip that captures a 20-foot rendering of the cover, if only because it’s set to what seems to be the band’s funk-o-metal cover of the Pointer Sisters’ “Automatic”:

See what I mean about the glasses?

Red Light Fever Artwork [Hot Leg’s MySpace Blog; HT Nicholas E.]