All You Need To Know About The Desperation Felt By The “American Idol” Producers This Year

noah | January 30, 2009 10:00 am

American Idol combine the auditions in New York City with the sparsely attended San Juan tryouts, the episode decided to devote a full three minutes and 16 seconds of screen time to Alexis Cohen, the middle-finger-wielding Pennsylvanian who last year was talking about being like a pirate and came to her Philadelphia audition covered in glitter, and who this year in New York had a girly dress, a pre-audition chant, “thousands of people across America supporting [her],” and an even crappier voice she had last year, when she at least channeled her craziness into Grace Slick’s persona. (You probably will not be surprised to learn she didn’t make it.) Clip (via MJ) after the jump.

OK, so the plexiglas falling on the judges bit was kind of entertaining, but still. I am so glad the tryouts are over.

Idol Season 8: New York City/San Juan Auditions [MJ]

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