Your CD Of “Tha Carter III” Just Became A Collectible

Dan Gibson | January 30, 2009 2:00 am

One of the two copyright lawsuits facing Lil Wayne has been settled, with the delightfully litigious music publishers at ABKCO winning out over Weezy and producer StreetRunner in a battle over whether or not the two borrowed heavily from the Rolling Stones‘ “Playing With Fire” on their track of the same name. Billboard reported that all sides were pleased with the settlement, which I assume involved some amount of money as well as the removal of the track from future copies of Tha Carter III as well as the virtual shelves of online stores. (For better or worse, the track will be replaced with the wonderfully titled David Banner production “Pussy Monster.”) The two tracks, after the jump.

Lil’ Wayne, “Playing With Fire” (interspersed with strange anime soundclips):

Rolling Stones, “Playing With Fire”:

Sure, there’s still the “I Feel Like Dyin'” drama with Karma Ann Swanepoel, but at least now Weezy has more time to hang with Katie Couric and cause 90-minute concert delays. And remember, up-and-coming producers: Clear those samples, and don’t mess with ABKCO.

News: Lil’ Wayne Drops Song From “The Carter III,” Copyright Lawsuit Settled [SOHH]