Bruce Springsteen Crashes The Super Bowl, Somewhat Literally

noah | February 2, 2009 9:00 am

‘s Super Bowl halftime show last night went a bit over its 12-minute limit, but I doubt few people minded as the band blasted through “10th Avenue Freeze-Out,” “Born To Run,” “Working On A Dream” (with choir accompaniment!) and “Glory Days.” Plus there was the amazing moment where the Boss took a knees-first slide across the stage and into the camera, giving people all over America highly defined acquaintanceship with his denim-clad crotch. (No word of some outraged non-Boss fan calling the FCC to complain about this bit of vaudeville yet, but give it time.) Clip after the jump.

Just in case these get deleted, too, here is a YouTube query string that will help you out.

A few other thoughts:

1) The banter between Bruce and Steve Van Zandt at the end made me want to hear the Boss’ superlative version of “Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town.”

2) If the Cardinals had held on, I bet you at least 15 enterprising copyeditors would have used a “Born To Run” allusion in their headlines about Larry Fitzgerald; instead, we got this.

3) The Internet is very curious about Bruce Springsteen’s age. He’s 59! Also, it’s the E Street Band, not the East Street Band, unless you’re talking about the wind section of another elementary school in my hometown for whatever reason.

4) Some old crank out there is probably going to complain about the crotch shot, right? Even though so many of the ads were much, much more offensive.

Bruce Springsteen – superbowl [Dailymotion]