Christian Bale: Savior Of Techno?

noah | February 3, 2009 1:30 am
Christian Bale‘s total freak-out on the set of Terminator Salvation has inspired two composers to go all Microsoft Songsmith on his rantings and set them to music. Above is the straight-outta-the-club “Bale Out,” by the YouTube remixer who goes by the name RevoLucian; it’s a little repetitive, but hey, so was “James Brown Is Dead.” An alternate take on Bale’s breakdown, by the Los Angeles spaz-pop outfit the Mae Shi and entitled “R U Professional,” is after the jump.

I think I prefer “Bale Out,” if only because I can see someone making an American Psycho tribute video with it very, very easily.

Bale Out [YouTube via Vulture] R U Professional [YouTube via Pitchfork] [HT: moomintroll]