Hell Rell Accuses “The Source” Of Payola; Cam’ron Accuses Life Of Sucking

Christopher R. Weingarten | February 3, 2009 2:00 am

A banner day on the Internet! Heroes of rap bloggers and indie rock bloggers who wish they were rap bloggers Dipset are all over the place! First up, former Purple City council member Hell Rell is accusing The Source of payola, claiming he was told to pay a writer $1,000 for a mixtape review.

I gotta text from a prestigious magazine…The Source… A n*gga text me that if I pay him a thousand dollars, right, listen to this… If I pay him a thousand dollars, he’s going to give me a mixtape review. A writer at a magazine…he’s like, if you pay a stack, I’ll get you a write-up and I’ll get you on the online Source. I’m like, you should be ashamed of yourself… So if you a regular hustlin’ n*gga who got a thousand dollars, you can get a review.

Heavy accusations, sure, but this sounds less like The Source having a payola policy and more like a broke freelancer trying to turn what little power he has into some rent money. Still, this is pretty despicable and I couldn’t imagine someone stooping to a level where, say, if you PayPal $20 to whineyg [at] gmail [dot] com, a real music writer will review any MP3 of your choosing in this very comment section. That would be crass.

In other Dipset news, Cam’ron is back… and he’s going some Rhymefest-style working man’s hustle on a track called “I Hate My Job” where he bitches about his boss, his shitty lunch break, and dreams about being a fireman. Considering my job right now is trying to make the 20,000th Cam’ron song that leaked to the internet sound remotely interesting so this post gets more than 200 views, I can relate. I should have been a fireman. (Not the shitty Paul McCartney kind, the hero kind.)

Video: Cam’ron, “I Hate My Job” [The Fader]News: Hell Rell Accuses “The Source” Of Print-Based Payola, Says He Was Asked To Pay For Review [SOHH]