If You Wanted To Hear Katy Perry’s Mid-Period Work, Today’s Your Lucky Day

Dan Gibson | February 4, 2009 12:00 pm

The long-in-the-can album by the songwriting team The Matrix, which features Katy Perry and some British guy singing songs written by the people who brought you “Sk8er Boi” and that really dreadful Liz Phair album, was released to various digital-music stores last week via Let’s Hear It Records. (Which seems to be the Matrix’s very own label.) The question is: Who wants to hear this thing?

The Matrix, “Broken”:

The Matrix feat. Katy Perry, “Damn”:

The material on this disc seems close enough to Perry’s befuddlingly popular recent work that people who weren’t quite satisfied by the twelve tracks of One of the Boys, but aren’t willing to head all the way back to her Christian pop days, can hold out until Perry makes her way to the studio again. At least she’s still “completely outrageous and [she’ll] do anything for attention!

The Matrix, feat. Katy Perry, “You Miss Me”:

How on earth did Columbia Records pass on releasing these gems for six whole years?

Let’s Hear It Records [Official site] [HT Music Is The Heart Of Our Soul]