That Eve Album From Forever Ago May Actually See The Light Of Day

noah | February 4, 2009 12:30 pm

Did you know that Eve’s last album came out nearly seven years ago? The release date of Eve-Olution was Aug. 27, 2002, and a lot has changed since then. A new president! A really new economy! Ryan Seacrest hosting shows on 84% of the radio stations in America! Which is why the follow-up to that album, which was somewhat cruelly called Here I Am even though it should have really been titled OK, I Was Supposed To Be Here Back In August 2007, has been completely made over, right down to the name.

“Unfortunately I am caught up in a whole music label situation,” Eve revealed to PopWrap about her switch from Interscope to Geffen Records during the disc’s repeated delays. But Eve’s proven over her almost 15-year career that she’s not one to lie down and take it — “the album is finally going to come out this spring or summer. But with all the time that passed, we went back in and reworked the whole thing.”

“I had to get in there and put in some upbeat music that I wasn’t depressed about,” she says of the long-delayed tracks. “It’s fun, it’s sexy, it’s totally me. Imagine if ‘Tambourine’ had kids — that’s what the CD sounds like.” New songs aren’t the disc’s only upgrade — “it won’t be called ‘Here I Am’ anymore. Now it’s called ‘Flirt,'” she says.

An album full of spawns-of-“Tambourine” sounds like a lot of fun, although one wonders if the songs that XXL referred to as “misguided reggae joints” in its somewhat lukewarm review of the album back in 2007 were among the tracks that were deemed to be too depressing. And who wants to be depressed before the sales figures come in?

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