Deftones, Minus Chi Cheng, To Play Show This April

noah | February 5, 2009 4:00 am

Deftones have been added to the lineup for the 50 Cent co-headlined California festival Bamboozle Left, which takes place in April. The band’s bass player, Chi Cheng, was in a motorcycle accident back in November that left him in a coma; he was transferred to a brain rehabilitation hospital in early December. His condition hasn’t improved, unfortunately, and the band is going to swap in Sergio Vega for bass-playing duties that weekend—the band’s statement after the jump.

With the announcement of our appearance on Bamboozle, we felt like its time to address some things.

First, Chi. Our fallen comrade has not made significant progress as of late, but continues to fight on from his accident. Doctors are working feverishly to return our brother to us, and we continue to hold out hope and faith that Chi returns to the life he has waiting for him and can join us on stage once again.

For everyone that knows Chi, knows that he never wanted down time. Chialways wanted to keep working and never slow down, which is why we feel confident in returning to the stage at Bamboozle in April. Chi would want it, and we want to make sure we’re keeping his legacy alive.

Back in 1999, Chi had to leave the band for a brief moment and our closefriend Sergio Vega filled in to keep the train moving. 10 years later, Sergio is going to step in once again while Chi is down. Sergio is family to us, and had received Chi’s blessing before, so without a doubt we know that if Chi could tell us now, he would give us his blessing again.

In the meantime, we continue work on our record, and as for Bamboozle, we felt like we needed to poke our heads up for a quick breath before we buckle down and get this record finished… So we’ll see you all in Irvine.


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