DJ Khaled: Not Dead

noah | February 10, 2009 9:00 am

Earlier this morning, a three-hour slow-speed chase ensued around the streets of Los Angeles ensued, the type of chase that takes over local TV stations and causes people to try and make themselves microfamous via the power of Internet jokes. As the LAPD tailed a white Bentley around southern LA, paparazzi-fueled rumors that the driver may have been a “troubled” celebrity spread around the Internet’s gossip channels, and somehow that celebrity became master of the cameo-studded single DJ Khaled—even though he was some 2,350 miles away at the time. Khaled took to his MySpace blog to dispel any rumors:

This is DJ Khaled and due to recent press and news reports I feel compelled to release a statement. Just to be clear I am in Miami, FL working on Rick Ross’ album, Deeper Than Rap. I am not in LA where there are reports that I have been in a police chase. These reports are completely false and unfounded.

DJ Khaled We The Best Music

For some reason, the post is datestamped January 25, but according to my RSS reader it was posted last night:

He also called a LA hip-hop station to let people there know he was OK. So I guess now all we have to worry about is 50 Cent trying to draw more unwarranted attention to himself by making some sort of buffoonish “well if he’s working on the Rick Ross album he might as well be dead” statement.

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