Death Cab For Cutie Wishes Black People Could Be As Soulful As Indie Rock

Christopher R. Weingarten | February 10, 2009 1:30 am

have taken a political stand against AutoTune, the devil scourge that puts the moral turpitude of our nation’s teenagers at risk, exposing them to savage robot noises, leaving them confused and helpless. All that bleeping and blooping and buying of dranks! Thank god there’s Ben Gibbard—savior of the flaccid—to speak out about this national dilemma! Death Cab wore suits and blue ribbons (pictured above) to the Grammy Awards to raise awareness of the fact that T-Pain would benefit from the fun, flat sound of a Chris Walla production.

Said Gibb:

Auto-tuning is a digital manipulation, a correction of a singer’s voice that is affecting literally thousands of singers today and thousands of records that are coming out… We just want to raise awareness while we’re here and try to bring back the blue note… The note that’s not so perfectly in pitch and just gives the recording some soul and some kind of real character. It’s how people really sing.

Oh yeah, that’s what’s soul is! Real soul is not Kanye West retreating to his studio and pouring his broken heart out about his ex-girlfriend and passed mother. Real soul is having the hyper-aware posturing to name an album something post-ironic and cutesy like We Have the Facts and We’re Voting Yes.

This complaint is as boring and short-sighted as complaining about how “drum machines have no soul.” Why don’t you take it on down to Guitar Center and you can bond with the 37-year-old assistant manager on how people don’t make records like Kansas any more.

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