“Hamster On A Piano” Eats Popcorn, Inspires Copyfight

noah | February 10, 2009 3:00 am
Hamster On A Piano,” former Nerf Herder vocalist Parry Gripp‘s ode to a hamster chilling on a piano key while clutching a big piece of Orville Redenbacher, was a big hit around these parts, so the news that the video had to be recut because of a copyright-infringement claim on the part of the video’s original creator was something of a bummer. And then, thanks to said YouTube auteur’s ignorance regarding the idea that “copyright” extends to musical works, it became yet another laughable example of Internet hypocrisy. Click and see the adorable hamster engaging in his own infringey action!

Yeah, call me crazy, but I can’t imagine that Elvis’ estate is responsible for this clip, and the use of “Don’t Be Cruel” isn’t infringing in its own right. Cough, cough.

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