Chrisette Michele: Grammy Winner, Ne-Yo Collaborator

Dan Gibson | February 11, 2009 12:00 pm

While the timing of the Grammys’ eligibility period can be a little befuddling to music fans (ex. “Wait, didn’t In Rainbows come out a really long time ago?”), the delay worked out rather well for Chrisette Michele, whose debut album I Am came out in June 2007. I liked I Am quite a bit, and I’m happy she took home the Best Urban/Alternative Performance trophy on Sunday night, even if it was for one of the album’s worst songs (“Be OK,” featuring the tedious In the meantime, Michele has a new album, Epiphany, that’s—for now—set to come out March 31. And Idolator favorite Ne-Yo is responsible for several of its tracks, which made my interest shoot up even more.

The title track and first single is one of the six tracks on the album written by the be-hatted singer/songwriter, and while it’s not exactly up to Year Of The Gentleman standards, it’s a nice bit of sparse R&B. At this point, however, I’m afraid to say anything even vaguely negative about a lead single from an album I’m looking forward to in fear of the album being delayed into oblivion. It’s a great song, Island Def Jam! Keep the release date as is!

Chrisette Michele [MySpace]