Five People Who Are Probably Not The New Lead Singer Of Velvet Revolver

noah | February 13, 2009 1:00 am

Yesterday, bassist and emergent finance pundit Duff McKagan told Rolling Stone that his somewhat-supergroup Velvet Revolver was “weeks away” from announcing its new singer, after a lengthy search that attracted demos from some 400 hopefuls who were, for whatever reason, interested in being the next Scott Weiland. Said Duff of the pick: “It’s not like Chris Cornell or one of those guys… We just want someone that fits. It can’t just be good. It has to be amazing or we won’t do it.” I guess “better than Audioslave” is a pretty low bar to want to leap over, but good on the VR guys for at least trying. Five people who definitely aren’t in the running, after the jump!

5. Royston Langdon. Once the front-runner for the position, the former Spacehog singer has been touted as “fucking awesome” by McKagan but not the right fit. (I hope that compliment was on his rejection letter!)

4. Ripper Owens. While it would be sorta-poetic for the man who briefly went from tribute-band frontman to Judas Priest wailer to join Duff, Slash, and the other guys, pitching all the songs in the band’s back catalog up an octave would be too jarring for the few diehard fans that VR has left.

3. Courtney Love. She’s performed with Duff in the past, but she’d probably have a crazy idea to make the band’s four other members dress in Gothic Lolita clothing.

2. Axl Rose. Obviously.

1. You. I mean, if you sent your demo tape in to the guys, good on you… but you’d let us know if you were actually in the running, right?

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