Miley Cyrus Not Having The Best Couple Of Days

noah | February 16, 2009 5:00 am

First, she flubbed a lyric from her paparazzi-baiting single “Fly On The Wall” during a British TV appearance, prompting the country’s scandal-happy press to flip out just a little bit; then, Miley Cyrus‘ Twitter—which the pop sensation seems sort of addicted to—got hacked by some prankster who wasn’t quite sure just how to spell his (or her!) victim’s name, thus causing the account to be suspended by the microblogging service’s higher-ups. I’m waiting for all of these screw-ups to be hailed as yet another part of God’s big plan for all of us, but in the interim, let’s savor the four best fake tweets from phony Miley.


3. “@demi_lovato wears hair extensions!”

2. “I am not a hacker! Do u knwo who da fuck I am bitch im a MELIEY RAYY CRYSUS AND I DEMAND ALL OF YOU TO MAKE ME FAN SGINS”

1. “Hey yall this is miely ray curys i just wanted too let yall knwo i am so fabuolus and soon i will b POSING FOR PLAYBOY! next week!!!! YAY”

By the way, “Crysus” sounds like it would be a great name for a black metal band… that only performed Miley/Hannah Montana covers. (And “Achy Breaky Heart,” natch.) Someone get on that?

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