“American Idol” Almost Makes Us Feel Bad For Tatiana

noah | February 19, 2009 8:45 am

Last night, three people made it through to American Idol‘s semifinal round—Alexis Grace, Michael Sarver, and Chosen One Of Season Eight Danny Gokey. (Anoop Desai was bested by Sarver by some 20,000 votes; yes, he was robbed, but I’m hoping that narrow margin results in him being a wild-card lock.) The way the show was set up, though, seemed especially cruel to Tatiana Del Toro, who was the last one standing with Gokey at show’s end, despite the worship leader’s path to the semifinals being divined, oh, as soon as Kara DioGuardi screamed about the awesomeness of his mawkish performance of Mariah Carey’s “Hero” on Tuesday night. I’m guessing the producers were hoping for a good old-fashioned Tatiana meltdown, and guess what? They didn’t get one. (Good for her.) Click through for video.

Part 1, with the requisite “after the break” cliffhanger bit:

Part 2:

Also, is Danny the least gracious winner or what? I’m sure his “woo” was in honor of his Lord And Savior And Memory Of His Wife Who By The Way Passed Away Didn’t You Know, but honestly.

Anyway my personal hope is that Anoop comes back on a wild card berth and crushes them all, because he’s probably the most commercially appealing of the guys who performed on Tuesday. Danny Gokey has an almost Hicksian appeal, i.e., a very old-timey one that will probably break the show all over again should he win.