Montage Music’s “Reorganizing” Is Making Me Worry For The Road Hammers

Dan Gibson | February 20, 2009 1:30 am
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It depends on who you ask, but the Nashville indie label Montage Music—home of Little Texas and Andy Griggs—is either reorganizing, closing down, or focusing its business on its music-publishing arm. These scenarios aren’t all that surprising in the current music economy, but I have to say I’m a little concerned; one of my favorite music acts in recent memory, The Road Hammers, put out their last album on the label, and have a new album coming out in their native Canada next week.

Sure, other than this particular part-time blogger, there hasn’t been much demand for a trucking revivalist act, but if an act is willing to cover “Eastbound And Down”, I’ll be a fan forever:

They covered a Del Reeves song on their last album. How is it not available at Iron Skillets across our fine country?

“Girl On The Billboard”:

Their originals aren’t bad either:

“I’m A Road Hammer”:

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“I’ve Got The Scars To Prove It”:

Montage Music, if you can’t keep it together long enough to give the new Road Hammers album the American release it so richly deserves, you’re going to bring this trucking music fan to tears. Please, if not for me, put it out there for those men and women who spend their days on the highway keeping America strong.

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