The White Stripes Quash Excitement About A Reunion By Actually Reuniting

mariasci | February 23, 2009 1:00 am
We’ve all missed the White Stripes. The more time we had to appreciate them, the more valuable their particular transcendent weirdness seemed, the more unique their particular chemistry. And it’s a good shorthand symbol for Conan O’Brien’s appeal that he got Meg and Jack to reunite and play “We’re Going To Be Friends” on his final show as host of Late Night. But here’s the thing: they were horrible.

Why were they so horrible? Who knows? Maybe Jack was trying to make people appreciate the Raconteurs more, or maybe he’s taken his Dylan fixation to such a level that he decided to blow out his voice. Certainly Meg was in the later stages of her pregnancy, which would make it hard to play a kit, but why didn’t they give her some stand-up toms or something? I bet girl could rock a set of timbales. She wasn’t the problem, though; everything was the problem, from Jack’s singing to an absolute lack of connection between the two. The gesture was lovely, but the execution kinda tanked it.

The White Stripes – We’re Going To Be Friends [YouTube]

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