Jason Castro Will Bring You Flowers For Your Hair

noah | March 2, 2009 5:00 am

Former American Idol hopeful Jason Castro, who for better or worse introduced Simon Cowell to the genius of Leonard Cohen almost a year ago today, has a single coming out tomorrow. I had a lot of affection for the dreadlocked, spacey Castro during last year’s Idol run, so it probably shouldn’t surprise you that I found “Love Uncompromised,” which he performed on the TV Guide Channel the other day (and will apparently play on this week’s Idol results show), pretty charming; it’s a pretty simple love song with straightforward (if sorta mawkish) lyrics that’s bolstered by some guy singing a falsetto’d harmony. Clip after the jump.

Maybe it’s because I watched an hour of VH1 this morning, but I think this could be a pretty big hit, or at least worthy of inclusion in whatever cinematic project Zach Braff is working on next.

Love Uncompromised Idol Wrap [YouTube via Music Is The Heart Of Our Soul]