Cum On Feel This Post: What Was The Noisiest Video Ever Played On MTV?

Christopher R. Weingarten | March 3, 2009 3:30 am

Now that I am unemployed, I have all day to thumb around MTV’s excellent video archive, which hosts 16,000 videos and should really replace YouTube as the go-to video source for videos but is achingly underutilized. (I was the second view on this vintage video of Faith No More doing the Mosely-era non-hit “The Crab Song.”) I soon found myself just entering videos I vaguely remembered as blowing my mind for how noisy, disgusting, scuzzy, blown-out and awful they were in comparison to the Everclear songs they were sandwiched next to on 120 Minutes. So what was the noisiest song to ever get MTV airplay?

• Maybe it was Jon Spencer Blues Explosion‘s “Dang” from 1994’s Orange? An Ed Wood nightmare video directed by Steve Hanft accompanies an in-the-red hyper-distorted pigfuckathon straight out of Jon’s Pussy Galore days.

• Maybe it was Deluxx Folk Implosion‘s “Daddy Never Understood,” a Harry Pussy-styled squeak-n-squeal off the Kids soundtrack. Neither MTV or YouTube have the video for this 90-second monstrosity, so you have to just take my word for it that I saw this video in 1995.

• What about Six Finger Satellite, the squonky, synthy band that would spawn Landed, Men’s Recovery Project and the Olenyville Soundsystem? MTV gave them a little love in 1995.

• And let’s not forget our pals No Age, whose “Eraser” was played approximately once on FNMTV last year.

Anyway, your memory is probably better than mine. Do you guys remember anything noisier? Maura tells me Buzznet has been kind enough to provide a comment box for you to tell me. Ain’t that nice?