Britney Spears Causes Reporters To Wear Out Their Computers’ “S,” “E,” “X,” And “Y” Keys

noah | March 4, 2009 10:00 am

Our look at the closing lines to the biggest music reviews continues today with a roundup of reactions to the opening night of Britney Spears‘ comeback tour, a circus-themed production that kicked off last night at the New Orleans Arena:

• “But anyone who thinks her lackluster would do well to remember what she really is: a burlesque performer, a carny’s dream born a century or so too late to be fated to ply her art upon the midway, but able to fulfill the spectacle of blond ambition now.” [Ann Powers, LA Times]

• “When she wrapped the concert about 90 minutes after emerging, she seemed more relieved than anything that it was all over.” [Chuck Arnold, People]

• “And by the time she said good night with another great one-two wallop (‘Womanizer’ and a reprise of ‘Circus’), dressed in a sexy policewoman outfit, she looked exhausted. But happy. And why not? She brought the circus to her hometown, and it was a huge, sold-out, screaming success. It probably just would’ve benefited from a little more Britney Spears, that’s all. ” [James Montgomery, MTV]

• “But all the sex, fire and stomp-and-slither choreography can’t disguise the fact that the production needs a bigger, purely musical core (a few more songs from the current album would have helped) – and some spontaneity. It wasn’t until Spears finally called out “Thank you, New Orleans” after finishing her Womanizer encore that the crowd got a glimpse into the heart of their homegirl from Kentwood.” [Jerry Shriver, USA Today]

• “woah.” [Andrew Kuttler, [britneylive @ Twitter]