Vanilla Ice Is Sorry

noah | March 4, 2009 2:30 am
In this clip, Robert Van “Vanilla Ice” Winkle apologies for… well, basically for existing in the early ’90s, and for causing millions of American male youths to dress like idiots. “I was young, manipulated, and I was a puppet,” he says of that time, which I guess means that the remake of the song currently streaming from his MySpace page is more representative of the real him? Anyway, this is the kickoff to some mobile-phone “viral” site called Right Music Wrongs, where we all get to be reminded of musicians’ sins of the past. Feel free to brainstorm what musicians you think should apologize next here; I personally am always going to have 50 Cent and anyone responsible for his “fame” at the head of that particular line, but you may disagree. [YouTube via MissInfo]