Rihanna And Other Women Of The World: Ghostface Has Your Back

Lucas Jensen | March 5, 2009 6:00 am

Ghosftace Killah and Novel have recorded a song dedicated to Rihanna and “my women out there getting beat up” and put it on the Internet. At first, with discussions of getting “sexed just right,” I was worried that it was gonna be one of those awkward “thanks, but no thanks” dedications. But as it settles in, it’s heartfelt, sly, and kind of funny, as Ghostface assures Rihanna et al. that the Wu has their back and that they don’t need to “fall for that [bleeped]” (a.k.a. assholes like Chris Brown). Good advice. It’s kind of nice to hear a song made by a popular male artist that has a positive message for women, although it’s sad that I’m saying that. (Also: Is that keyboard hook in the background ghosting (no pun intended) Stevie Wonder’s “Creepin'” or is it something else?) [Nah Right]