For the Next Three Days I’ll Be Bringing the Noise

Jess Harvell | March 9, 2009 9:00 am

Good morning! Maura is… Actually, I have no idea why Maura has temporarily abandoned her post. (My guess is she’s already chasing Bloody Marys with Xanax in preparation for SXSW, but choose your own adventure.) After a seasonally affected lost weekend spent wrestling with Mega Man 9 and pining for sunlight, I’ve been once again handed the keys to this crazy thing, at least until Wednesday at the close of business. Be gentle with me if I’m occasionally off my blog game. (Also: I am no longer connected to the Idolator tip line, so if you have breaking news or naked photos of Bun E. Carlos, please send to jessATidolatorDOTcom with the usual stuff removed/replaced.) All of your Idolator faves will be pitching in as per usual, so don’t fret. And as you sip coffee and stare down the work week, here is really, truly, incredibly quiet tour bus footage of Anthrax and Chuck D doing “Bring the Noise” in an unplugged chill-out style. I have a feeling this would actually be kinda bad-ass in a different setting — i.e., one where you can actually hear Chuck. [Blabbermouth]