People Missed Phish (Sometimes A Lot)

Jess Harvell | March 9, 2009 12:00 pm

Our look at the closing lines of the week’s biggest reviews continues with several enthused recaps of this weekend’s shows from reunited jam band giants Phish. Actually it’s more “choice lines” than “closing lines,” since a lot of the closing lines were actually set lists.

• “The reunion pulled out all the stops. There was Fishman in his muumuu, doing the requisite vacuum solo on “I Didn’t Know”; Anastasio and Gordon on trampolines during “You Enjoy Myself”; and, of course, the hundreds of ticketless patchouli-soaked followers stranded outside hoping for a “miracle” (as in, tickets) and selling their wares-from “fatty” veggie burritos and grilled cheese to various glass pipes and bootlegged merchandise.” [Josh Grossberg, E!]

• “Much like Friday night’s performance, Phish’s first set stretched well past the hour mark, peaking several times before coming to a climax with a tight, high-energy rendition of the early favorite “Run Like an Antelope.” The set opened with a funky “Back on the Train,” which nodded to the weekend’s overarching theme of reunion with the line “it took me a long time to get back on the train” (a phrase that was met with some of the evening’s loudest cheers). Oddly enough, though the Farmhouse number began its life as a solo acoustic song on Trey Anastasio’s 1999 solo tour, the cut’s current, groove-heavy incarnation is tangible proof that Phish is once again a band of equals.” [Mike Green, Relix]

• “After the show, fans spilled out into the lots and what would have normally turned into a raucous outdoor party was quietly shut down by police. But who could argue? Nothing topped the excellent, four-hour bash Phish had just delivered inside.” [Kevin O’Donnell, Rolling Stone]

• “Maybe Phish will never eclipse their universally accepted musical zenith – a set of marathon shows in the Florida Everglades on New Year’s Eve 1999 that was such a high, even the band has acknowledged it had a deflating effect on all future performances..But if Friday’s fiery, fully committed set is any indication, they sure are going to try.” [Josh L. Dickey, AP]