Courtney Love Being Dragged Into Brave New World Of Twitter Litigation (Twitigation?)

noah | March 27, 2009 5:00 am

Courtney Love has moved some of her online rants from the confines of MySpace to the 140-character constraints of Twitter, but that hasn’t stopped her from maxing out its bandwidth for the purposes of accomodating her rantings. And now she’s being sued because of them! Dawn Simorangkir, who designs feather-festooned accessories under the banner BoudoirQueen, is hauling Love into court on charges of libel, breach of contract, invasion of privacy, and “intentional infliction of emotional distress.” The charges range from Love not paying for custom pieces to her allegedly embarking on “an obsessive and delusional crusade to terrorize and destroy” her and her brand that stretched from Boudoir Queen‘s Etsy page to Love’s Twitter domain.

The Boudoir Queen site has been scoured of mentions of La Love, but Google Cache never forgets. (It’s probably made even easier by the relative speed with which Love went from loving Boudoir Queen to talking smack about its proprietors, as you’ll see.) Here’s a shot of a custom piece Simorangkir made for Love:

And a Hedi Slimane shot of the singer in the new fashion magazine Love, where she’s wearing a top hat from Boudoir Queen:

Meanwhile, as recently as March 1, Love was singing BoudoirQueen’s praises for as long as Twitter’s 140-character limit would let her:

(“G” is Gwyneth. First-initial basis!)

But a mere two weeks later, the winds of change had blown:

(That one made the lawsuit papers! The typos were corrected, though.)

There were also a couple of MySpace blogs about the tussle. And as recently as Sunday, Love was calling off/on the dogs:

Today she’s spent most of her Twit-time going over the British pop charts from February 1982, but I’m sure once someone direct-messages her with a link to the lawsuit papers this story will continue to “develop.”

(Also I think I am already sick of writing about Twitter. Please, someone, start another micro-ego-blogging service already.)

Dawn Simorangkir vs. Courtney Love [TMZ; PDF] courtneylovecobain [Twitter]