Chris Cornell Returns His Ex-Bandmates’ Serve

noah | March 30, 2009 4:30 am

So as you may recall, the three non-Chris Cornell members of Soundgarden played behind Tad Doyle last week at a benefit thrown by Tom Morello. Well, the frontman-in-exile opened his U.S. tour over the weekend in Dallas, and the Spin reviewer charged with covering the show noted that his set not only included “Spoonman” and “Jesus Christ Pose,” it incorporated “Gun,” one of the more menacing tracks from the band’s 1989 major-label debut Louder Than Love. And no, to answer the question Mike posed when I informed him of this development, the song’s scary-monster riffs were not interspersed with baby noises and tablas. A clip of him performing the song last week—in Chile, not Dallas—after the jump. Compare and contrast!

He also whipped out “Immigrant Song,” no doubt as a way of letting Jimmy Page know that he’s still available.

Chris Cornell Revisits Soundgarden Songs at Tour Kickoff [Spin] Chris Cornell – Gun 2009 Pepsi Fest Chile [YouTube]