Oh, This Should End Well

noah | March 30, 2009 6:15 am

Fresh from the inbox, an e-mail entitled SMASHING PUMPKINS UPDATE: “Auditions will be held Friday, April 10 in Los Angeles for drummers who are looking to play with THE SMASHING PUMPKINS. They should send their background info, photos and performance web links via e-mail only to pumpkinsdrummerATgmailDOTcom.”

In related news, lead Pumpkin Billy Corgan has been demoing some new songs that he says “sound like Spring.” although that isn’t pleasing the commenters over at SP fan site Hipsters United so much:

i see claritin commercials in the future of the pumpkins

WTF does spring sound like. Better sound like rage!!!

Hey, allergies can make anyone cranky!

Corgan “in a great mood,” demoing “new and fresh” material [Hipsters United]