Fall Out Boy Prompt Me To Ask For A Brendon Urie-Free Do-Over

Dan Gibson | April 1, 2009 2:30 am

I generally enjoy Fall Out Boy. I liked the band’s most recent album, Folie A Deux, and the current single “America’s Suitethearts” (just as long as I manage to erase the video from my memory). But somehow the performance of that song on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno last night became a battle of unnecessary vibrato, as Panic At The Disco‘s Brendon Urie joined the band for some sort of “who can avoid the actual notes more” duel. I’m sure there’s some aspect of performing live outdoors that can be blamed (not to mention people who will say the band always sounds like this), but, man, there are some seriously cringeworthy moments here. The clip, as well as a truly painful interview with John “Formerly Known As Stuttering John” Melendez, below the cut.

The interview:

“America’s Suitehearts”:

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