John Mayer Readies Himself For Battle

noah | April 1, 2009 2:00 am

The second installment of John Mayer‘s cruise, the Mayercraft Carrier 2, returned to shore yesterday, and with its return came YouTube footage of a brand-new song by Mayer called “Heartbreak Warfare,” a slightly long, but overall not that bad lament about super-destructive relationships that the tabloids are all over thanks to the chronic Twitterer’s recent breakup with Jennifer Aniston. (I like his guitar on the breakdown very much, actually.) Clip after the jump; skip to the 3:20 mark if you don’t want to hear his long, rambly intro about hanging out at his house.

John Mayer Debuts “Heartbreak” Song After Splitting With Jennifer Aniston [Us] John Mayer – Heartbreak Warfare [YouTube]