There Is No Joy In Meganville (But At Least There Are A Few Birds)

noah | April 2, 2009 10:00 am

Last night American Idol dispensed with the save immediately after news broke that Megan Joy was the country’s least favorite hopeful, with Simon saying that the judges had decided to not use their power of reversal even before the tattooed font designer gave her final performance. I guess it’s the judges’ prerogative, but the pre-emptive veto had to be kind of surprising to the viewers at home, even though Ryan mentioned at one point during the show that “someone might have to sing for their life.”

The final minutes:

Poor Megan. She needed better advisors. (And a better stylist—I mean, a romper? You only have to dress three ladies this season, Glam Squad! Step up your game!)

Also, can we just talk about how jerky Danny Gokey is? I know, I know, it’s a common theme around these parts, but the bit where contestants mimed each other brought it home once again. Watch; the other kids’ impersonations of their fellow contestants were at least done in kind jest, but then you have Danny taking on Matt Giraud’s (admittedly awful) “Viva La Vida” performance—and just being mean. (It’s at the -1:30 mark in the below clip.)

And then he asks Allison Iraheta to do another impersonation of him! “Oh, hey, can you keep talking about me? Me. Me. Mememememe.” He is the worst, the absolute worst. Gah.