The Megadeth Cabinet: In Case You Need A Little More Dave Mustaine In Your Decor

noah | April 2, 2009 11:00 am

For only $3,999 $NZ (which translates to about $2,300 on these shores), you can have what “megacollector” is calling “essentially the entire collective music works by MEGADETH”—and a fancy stereo cabinet, too!

The entire works by Dave Mustaine – MEGADETH . This offer includes the world famous ‘Cabinet Of Deth’ which featured on Megadeths website september of 2007 , including the inbuilt stereo system etc . There is just way to much to list so heres a quick breakdown of the collection : Approx 75 Cds , 40 Vinyl , 42 Shirts , 9 Boxed Sets , 8 DVDs , VHS , Comics , Textile posters , Tablature , and much much more !

“Never will you find another collection that will come close – there are items so rare youll sooner find rocking horse poo !” says the seller, who is also pricing this to move since this collection, sadly, “MUST go.”

The Q & A section shines a little more light on the whole deal:

THIS IS THE THE SICKEST THING IVE EVER SEEN MAN. WAS ALL THE MATERIAL COLLECTED BY YOU OR WAS IT BOUGHT AS A SET MAN walkenshaun (18 ) 10:59 pm, Mon 23 Mar Answer: Collecting for 21 years , the cabinet was custom made for in aussie – took 5months to build at a cost of 10K ! Dave Mustaine himself freaked at the collection when I showed him during his Gigantour in aussie 07 – signed photos to prove . 7:22 am, Tue 24 Mar

MAN IM IN AWE OF THIS COLLECTION MAN. IF I COULD SELL MY SOUL FOR 10K 2 BUY THIS MAN I WOULDNT HESITATE. YOU DONT HAPPEN 2 KNOW ANY ONE WHO WANTS 2 BUT A SOUL DO YA. GOOD LUCK WITH THE TRADE MAN walkenshaun (18 ) 5:09 pm, Tue 24 Mar Answer: I’ll sell it to ya for half the price without the guitars – thats still an unbelievable ‘worth selling your soul’ deal – im gonna list it after this auction finishes if nobody bids . or make me an offer 7:31 am, Wed 25 Mar

Yes, he’s also selling some replica guitars. Including a Dave Mustaine American flag model—which apparently has no bids yet. It almost makes you feel bad that someone came in and tried to spoil the party with a bit of pro-Metallica propaganda:

METALLICA Hammet > Mustaine Niceo collection tho, megadeth stil rocks nakiarnie (48 ) 3:55 am, Sun 29 Mar

The guy has yet to reply on that one.

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