Charlotte Hatherley Is Feeling Minty Fresh

noah | April 2, 2009 2:00 am

—the former Ash guitarist who’s also the newest member of Bat For Lashes—has a U.S. label for her forthcoming album Cinnabar City, which will come out on Minty Fresh at an unspecified date this summer. The first single, “White,” represents something of a shift from her last album, the spiky The Deep Blue; it’s a moody rocker propelled by a thick guitar line that recalls the best moments of (swoon) Helium. (And it makes me pretty sure that the “Carrie” she’ll be emulating in the song’s clip is the pig’s-blood-drenched one, not the Manolo-wearing one. Whew.) MP3 after the jump.

Charlotte Hatherley – White [MP3 link removed] Charlotte Hatherley [Official site]