Carrie Underwood Subtly Prepares The Public For Her “Difficult” Third Record

noah | April 6, 2009 8:53 am

The big story going into last night’s Academy of Country Music Awards had little to do with the actual winners; instead, the press leading up to the event focused on the gown that country Idol Carrie Underwood would wear during her performance, thanks to an embargo on photos, video, or descriptions of said frock. (This did not stop Underwood from telling the AP that it was “Kind of like water, maybe? Like red water? That sounds scary, doesn’t it? Maybe like lava. It’s like lava. Or icing. Red icing.”) A picture of the dress—and its possible roots in the American Idol canon—after the jump.

I actually thought that when Underwood said “icing” we were going to have a wedding-cake-topper gown like the one Leona Lewis wore at the Olympics last summer. But what’s this? Could Carrie be sending a message that she’s ready to “break out” artistically in the near future?

The fashion-conscious among you will note that the bodice is a bit different. But still.

Will Underwood’s secret dress be for ACMs success? [AP]