Eminem’s Fart Jokes May Be The Most Timely Bits Of His New Video

noah | April 7, 2009 8:30 am

Eminem’s “We Made You” debuted on MTV earlier this morning, and its hodgepodge of slightly dated cultural references—Sarah Palin, “Gimme More”-era Britney, Jessica Simpson’s Dukes Of Hazzard cameo, the Lohan-Ronson romance, the words “rock star” being the linchpin of the chorus—make me wonder just how long he’s been working on this track, and if he’s been adding scenes to this clip since he first had the idea for it back in 2005. Which is too bad, because I actually like the side-of-the-mouth delivery he’s employing, as well as the way the chorus sounds. Clip after the jump.

Note, also, the recurring theme of “jealous of lesbians” that runs throughout the clip. Someone’s feeling inadequate!

Eminem – We Made You [OnSmash via Rap Radar]