Kanye West Likes Fish Sticks

Lucas Jensen | April 9, 2009 12:00 pm

(or at least the computer-generated version of a construction-paper version of him) was at the center of last night’s South Park episode, in which aspiring comedian Jimmy creates the funniest joke ever, and it spreads like wildfire through the late-night talk-show circuit. The joke, which Cartman is quick to claim as his own:

“Do you like fish sticks?” “Yes.” “You like to put fish sticks in your mouth?” “Yes.” “What are you, a gay fish?”

Because of his giant ego and self-proclaimed genius, Kanye is the only person who doesn’t get the joke, and this leads him on a quest for self-discovery in which he knocks the joke-stealer Carlos Mencia‘s head off with a baseball bat, holds Cartman and Jimmy hostage, and ultimately accepts that he is a gay fish, engaging in underwater Autotuned bestiality.

Like most South Park episodes of recent vintage, the kids are less and less involved, and the whole concept seems taken from Monty Python’s old “Funniest Joke in the World,” but I thought it was pretty hilarious, even though skewering Kanye’s ego is like, ahem, shooting fish in a barrel. (I especially liked his Kanye podium.) As of right now, the academicians over at Kanye Universecity remain silent on the issue on Kanye’s “gay fishiness.”

The awesome “Gay Fish” version of “Heartless”:

Monty Python brings back memories of life in the Honors Dorm in college:

Kanye on SP [Dailymotion]