INOJ Brings It Back To A Simpler, More Bass-Heavy Time

Dan Gibson | April 15, 2009 4:00 am

Like Maura, I can’t seem to get enough of the Vistoso Bosses’ “Delirious,” but I couldn’t quite come up with what the song’s “female-fronted R & B through a Miami Bass filter” vibe reminded me of until today. Why did it take me so long to remember turn-of-the-decade So So Def starlet INOJ, who apparently released the full-length Ready For The World after two stellar early singles? (I might not know about that album because her cover of “Ring My Bell” didn’t retain the first two songs’ momentum.) INOJ is back according to her MySpace page, so let’s prepare for her comeback with “Time After Time” and “Love You Down,” which are below the cut.

“Time After Time”:

“Love You Down”:

… and just because I can, here’s the Vistoso Bosses‘ “Delirious” one more time:

INOJ [MySpace]