Perry Farrell Knows How To Keep His Name In The Press

noah | April 20, 2009 2:00 pm

Jane’s Addiction leader Perry Farrell has decided to save the complaints about his band’s upcoming reunion tour for conversations with reporters: “I’m not going to tell you it’s been all smooches and hugs. But it shouldn’t be because that would be a bore,” he told a Reuters writer while hanging out at Coachella over the weekend. And lo, a new angle for his band’s jaunt with Nine Inch Nails this summer–one that had nothing to do with Trent Reznor’s digital strategies for distributing his records or sniping at other ’90s alt-rock survivors–was born!

“If my band didn’t have issues, if they didn’t throw tantrums, I would think I was with a bunch of suckers. As long as they can handle it, I can handle it. After all we’re just delivering music that people love, so how bad can it be? It could be worse. We could be drafted.”

Drama and historical perspective–not to mention an opening for a reporter to craft a lede about “war”? Oh, Perry, you know how to open the door to 700-word profiles, don’t you. But don’t worry, those of you holding tickets for the NIN/JA tour (which starts May 8) (in case you forgot): Everything’s going to work out.

“I just talked to Eric man-to-man. We’re different people, that’s okay. He serves a different purpose, he’s got a different frequency he operates on. I’m overjoyed that we’re working together. I don’t care that we butt heads as long as when we hit the stage we blast on people.”

Later Farrell told the Reuters reporter that his band had a “small, five-year window left” during which they could milk the nostalgia cow capture the imaginations of those who were still nostalgic for the 1990s. Wait, does this mean that we’re going to have a Satellite Party reunion once 2014 rolls around?

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