The Pixies Want To Know: Can You Spare $450 For Some Sweet Vinyl?

noah | April 21, 2009 12:00 pm

• Pixies box set to feature un-remastered versions of band’s entire studio output; “deluxe edition” to set you back ~$100 per slab of 180-gram vinyl [RS / Math via The Awl] • In related news, The Breeders’ new EP is out today, and it’ll only set you back about $4 [] • Noel Gallagher solo project to maybe result in extended Oasis hiatus, just in time for people to start making noise about band collaborating with Gnarls Barkley [Q / Guardian] • Rogers & Hammerstein catalog sells for an estimated $200 million [WSJ] • Lauryn Hill probably maybe headlining Stockholm Jazz Festival [Billboard] • Steve Reich wins Pulitzer Prize for Music for his piece “Double Sextet” []