The Rentals Unfriend P From Facebook

Christopher R. Weingarten | April 21, 2009 3:30 pm

That band starring the guy smart enough to quit Weezer is barreling ahead with its blog-punk project, Songs About Time. If you are one of those dudes that still care what bands you pretended to listen to in high school are doing but are just catching up over here, a refresher: The Rentals are putting 365 photos this year (don’t hurt yourselves!), 52 short films of the band recording their music (thrilling new media content!), and three digital mini-albums (2009, yeah!) on their Web site. OK, I’m being a total boner for no reason, because the Rentals films are actually look pretty cool–they’re like a hi-res, dorkier Don’t Look Back if you’re into watching bands make records.

The first official video from the first official album showed up today, and it’s a very pretty, very stylish compendium of their sunniest shots. Joey Santiago from the Pixies is chillin’ along, and we’re glad to mention him for the extra Google traffic. (Thanks, dude!) As for the song, it’s kind of disheartening to hear the band who flew against ’90s angst with ’80s whimsy sounding like a plain old ’90s power-pop band. But, hell, they have two more records coming this year, so maybe the next one will be more up my alley.

The Rentals – Song Of Remembering [OnSMASH] The Rentals [Official site]