Help Me Save VH1’s “Divas” Rework

Dan Gibson | April 22, 2009 10:30 am

VH1 is rebooting its “Divas” franchise, a ladycentric spectacular that has been on the shelf since 2005, with a telecast airing in September. (Perhaps the channel has run out of rappers willing to show up for its Hip Hop Honors telecasts–after all, once you’ve acknowledged the deep influence of Naughty by Nature, who else can you turn to?) The network ran a “Divas” special every year from 1998-2005, and it apparently needed to wait for the world’s supply of divas to recharge. While the network floated names like Lily Allen and Adele, I’d like to think we could help stuff the suggestion box with some even better choices.

I probably shouldn’t fool myself into thinking the post on VH1’s blog looking for help booking the show is actually sincere, but I just can’t stay silent.

The 2009 edition of the multi-artist presentation takes place at a perfect venue, the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Howard Gilman Opera House, on September 17. VH1 will air the show live. A new generation of participants will be on board, and performers, presenters, and special guests will be announced as they are confirmed.

Thanks for all this. Your participation will make this year’s edition of Divas that much more fun.

Further, they’d love for listeners to weigh in on who would make a great Divas participant. What does the term “diva” mean to you in 2009? Someone heroic? Someone inspiring? Hit the comments field and lets us know. We’re also open to suggestions: feel free to make a list of the artists you’d like to see perform on the show, as well as cast your opinion on which two singers would make a perfect “Diva Duet.”

I mean, we all know that the show will probably pair Taylor Swift and Taylor Dayne. (Wait, that might be awesome… someone write that idea down.) But let’s dream big! The above post’s comment section is already flooded with votes for the internationally-famous-here-not-so-much Anastacia, but I’m thinking even bigger:  A Sleater-Kinney reunion.  VH1 loves reunions, and it’s been three years since S-K played their last show.  

I don’t know how Corin, Carrie and Janet would feel about the “diva” tag, but maybe they can donate their appearance fee to Food Not Bombs or something. Let’s make some magic happen… in the VH1 Blog’s comments!

VH1 Divas Show Returns In September!  Tell Us Who You Would Like To See! [VH1 Blog]