What Would Your Tinted Windows Look Like?

noah | April 22, 2009 11:00 am

Tinted Windows, the generation-spanning act that brought together members of Hanson, Fountains of Wayne, the Smashing Pumpkins, and Cheap Trick for cheery tunes and maximum bloggability, had their debut album come out yesterday. Eric “Professor” Harvey came up with a fun parlor game in honor of what he’s calling the self-titled record’s “astonishing competence”–namely, what would your dream version of such a powerpop Voltron look like? The formula, and my attempt to solve for “x,” after the jump.

1. Redeemable former boy-band member from the late 90s 2. Sideman from influential 90s alt-rock band 3. Reliable jingle factory who does movie scores and stuff but who’s had a big hit 4. Sorta-unknown component to legendary power-pop group

I would say that Bun E. Carlos wasn’t really “sorta-unknown,” but anyway. Here’s mine! 1. JC Chasez, for the same reason as Eric:

(I know five-minute mini-epics are a tough sell in the callout-research-dominated world of pop radio, but man, this song got so jobbed.) 2. Josephine Wiggs, because she is a bad-ass (and we need some ladies up in this) 3. Stephin Merritt, who may not have had a big hit but who is big enough to get Twitter-dropped by Trent Reznor 4. Andy Sturmer, because a post like this has to have a Jellyfish reference (plus someone who could play drums would help) The songs would probably be very ornate and emotional, with a kick in everyone’s collective pants provided by Wiggs every so often–but is that a bad thing?The Tinted Windows Album Is Astonishingly Competent [marathonpacks]Tinted Windows “Kind of a Girl” [MySpace]Tinted Windows [MySpace]