If Hell’s Frat Party Had A Soundtrack, Hypercrush And 3OH!3 Would Be It

Dan Gibson | April 22, 2009 4:00 pm

It’s possible I’m just bitter because the members of the electro-pop act Hyper Crush encouraged their fans to tag the exterior wall of my favorite music venue Club Congress on Sunday night, but between those clowns, the incredibly depressing 3OH!3, and (to a lesser extent) LMFAO, the recent wave of nu-electro–which marries misogyny and generally fratty behavior with semi-danceable beats–just feels like a jackass invasion scored by synths.

Hey Hyper Crush, if you want to be known as the band that commits acts of vandalism after you play a venue, I suppose that’s a angle to run with. But I prefer to think of you (and your single “RoboTech”) as the worst music I’ve ever heard.

I originally assumed 3OH!3 were some sort of parody act until I saw 500 teenage girls sporting the band’s merchandise when I went to see the AP tour featuring Family Force 5 and the Maine along with 30H!3. As far as I can tell, their big single “Don’t Trust Me” is about teenage girls getting drunk and having sex with guys from bands. Classy!

The song has recieved some airplay here on the pop station, which makes me realize I need to have the radio in my car removed as soon as possible.

What I wonder is, what influenced these guys? For a long time, synths were largely the territory of sickly kids that didn’t get out much–this writer included–so where this stuff comes from is beyond me. If it could go back to that place soonish, though, that would be great!

In case you wanted to see the hard rocking life of some bros on tour, here’s the clip of Hyper Crush as accomplices to vandalism here in Tucson (from MySpace, natch):

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