Toby Keith Way Too Much Of A Bad-Ass To Be A Leader

noah | April 23, 2009 12:00 pm

Toby Keith not running for Oklahoma governor because “being a politician would mean (having) to get along with too many people” (I swear that he said this) [newsOK via WP] • Elton John‘s five-year Vegas run ends, but don’t worry, if the economy stays as shitty as it’s been he’ll be back [Billboard] • Nokia’s all-you-can-eat mobile music program Comes With Music reportedly nabbed 23,000 subscribers since launching last year in the UK [BBC] • Major labels talking to Hulu about adding music videos to the site, thus turning even more of the Internet into TV [Bloomberg] • Girl Talk may actually make songs with structures more complex than “throw a bunch of shit into a Sparks can and shake” on his next album [Billboard] • Ra Ra Riot and Vampire Weekend members collaborate, blogosphere falls in on itself [MOKB]