Andrew WK To Make Triumphant Return To TV

noah | April 23, 2009 1:00 pm

It’s a TV show about breaking stuff! Destroy Build Destroy, which debuts on Cartoon Network will allow two teams to destroy large things, then create new exciting structures from the rubble; the singer / motivational speaker / piano player / club mogul / etc. will then preside over a judging of the reconfigured items. And as a bonus, the winning team gets to then destroy the losers’ hard work… you know, for fun. If you’re a teenager (or you just look like one) in the LA area, you can be on the show! Perhaps if you lose you’ll get counseled by Andrew himself, a la Your Friend, Andrew W.K. This is the sort of inspi/aspirational programming MTV should be bringing back, really:

Andrew W.K. to host ‘Destroy Build Destroy’ on Cartoon Network [EW]Your Friend ANdrew WK EPISODE 1 [Dailymotion]Your Friend Andrew W.K. [YouTube]Andrew WK [MySpace]